Medaillenspiegel WM
1. GER 3 2 3
2. SRB 3 0 0
3. CRO 2 0 1
4. HUN 1 2 2
5. MKD 1 1 2
SVK 1 1 2
7. SLO 0 2 2
8. FRA 0 1 2
9. AUT 0 1 0
10. POL 0 0 2
medal table
GER 1 0 0
SVK 1 0 0
ITA 0 1 0
SLO 0 1 0
CRO 0 0 1
HUN 0 0 1
Single Classic WCH

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Today was the last day of the U23 World Championship and, just like on the days before, the atmosphere was fantastic. The day kicked off with the Women’s Single final in the morning. 120 pins where played on four lanes and it was Germany’s Saskia Seitz who showed the best skills. She won the World Cup with a total of 582 knocked down pins, while Iren Nemes (Hungary/568) had to settle with the second place. Vanessa Welker (Germany/588) was more than delighted about getting third. The Men’s Single saw a suspense-packed competition with close results, but Robert Ernjesi (Serbia) managed to leave all his competitors behind him with a fantastic 602 knocked down pins. His fellow countryman Milos Simijonovic was on his tail and finished second with 596 pins. Richard Vagar (Slovakia/592) managed to reach the third spot. Even though he was equal on points with the fourth place, the number of cleaning was the decisive factor (232/219). In the Women’s Combination game, two Germans made it to the winner’s podium – Saskia Seitz, followed by Vanessa Welker and Iren Nemes. The new Men’s Combination World Champion is called Robert Ernjesi (Serbia), followed by runner-up Branko Manev and Sebastian Piosik (Poland). Germany wins in the nation’s ranking.
Serbia’s Robert Ernjesi was awaiting a truly special honour. As the player with the best results, parliament member Marko Schiemann awarded him a trophy which was donated by Mr Stanislav Tillich. Robert Ernjesi reached a team result of 662 and managed to win four gold medals in this World Championship. This was possible due to him competing both in the U18 and U23 games. After the award ceremony, the FIQ’s flag was handed out to the Czech Republic, where the next U23 World Championship and the U14/U18 World Cup will be taking place in 2014. We wish you lots of fun organising and maximum success!


U23 WM Single Women

U23 WM Single Men

U23 WM Kombination Woman

U23 WM Kombination Man



Yes, it’s possible. The U23 World Cup’s Tandem games kicked off today, and this fast and thrilling competition provided for an atmosphere even more tense and cheerful than the days before. In this game, two teams, each consisting of two players, play 30 throws each on neighbouring lanes. However, the decisive aspect is not the point margin, but winning one game in order to receive one point for the set. After switching lanes, the game starts anew. In case of a draw, each player gets to throw one more ball, making the team that knocks down more pins the winner.
Unfortunately, today didn’t go that smoothly for the German Women’s team. The last German team was knocked out in the quarter final. Croatia (Ana Jambrovic/Tatjana Ostrina) proved to be the odds-on favourite for a reason and was the happy winner. The French team came second place (Margot Gribelin/Aurelie Remy), followed by Poland (Anna Szymoniak/Aneta Szostek) and Macedonia (Meri Janeva/Andrijana Kociska). Contrary to that, the German Men’s team managed to reach the semi final, showing a neck-and-neck race against Hungary (Tamas Ritter/Milan Voros). The Germans (Fabian Seitz/Manuel Weiß) missed the gold medal by only three pins and the disappointment among the fans was hard to hide. As there is no third-place game in Tandem, France and Slovenia shared the third spot.
Bautzen’s Schützenplatzhalle is ready for more exciting games in the Tandem Mixed and Single Sprint competitions, starting at 8 a.m. on Friday, 25th of May.


U23 WM Tandem Man

U23 WM Tandem Woman



The women’s team competitions were scheduled for today with a start of the competitions as early as 8am. The atmosphere in the audience was fantastic! Judging by the noise of the crowd one could have thought a top-class handball game rather than a Ninepin Bowling tournament would be on in Bautzen’s Schützenplatzhalle. But the venue is currently host to an eight-lane ninepin bowling alley which was built in by Ahlborn.
Just like on the previous days of the event the players achieved excellent results again today. Germany won the team competitions with a total of 3,372 pins knocked down followed by Slovakia with 3,309 pins. Slovenia and Croatia battled it out for third place until the second last ball. But in the end Slovenia got ahead of Croatia with 3,282 against 3,280 thrown down pins. The disappointment of the Croatian team was obvious and the Slovenian women were absolutely delighted about coming third in the tournament.
Tomorrow (Wednesday, 23rd May 2012) will see the men’s teams bowling and thrilling games can be expected once again.


U23 WC Team Woman



The U23’s Tandem Mixed Games were scheduled for the morning. At this game, a single missed pin could have meant missing the next round – and that’s what happened to the German team. Patrick Krieger and Sarah Dressler saw themselves faced with a draw against Macedonia after the game, but were defeated in Sudden Victory. But that wouldn’t be the last close game of the day. In the quarter finals, Austria and Macedonia, as well as Croatia and Hungary were to play against each other. While Austria was the clear winner with two points, Hungary and Croatia both needed nerves of steel after their draw. Eventually, it was Croatia’s team that knocked down one pin more and reached the final round, where they defeated Austria 2-0 and became World Champion.
Moreover, it was time for the Men’s and Women’s Sprint games today. In this competition, the teams have 20 pins (ten full/ten cleaning) in one set until switch of lanes. If there is a tie, the Sudden Death system applies. The interesting thing about this variation is that the games come to an end incredibly fast and players change quickly. The Men’s semi final saw three out of four games decided by Sudden Death. It was Macedonia and Hungary that reached the final round and both teams fought hard, but in the end, the 2-0 victory belonged to Macedonia. France and Slovakia managed to come third. As for the Women’s competition, Germany’s Saskia Seitz made it to the semi final, where she was defeated by Lubica Listofernove (Slovakia) in Sudden Death. The latter was also the one to remain unbeaten in this competition, pulling out a 2-0 win in the final round.
Tomorrow will be the last day of the World Championship with the Men’s and Women’s Single Classic games as well as the final Nation’s rankings.


U23 WM Tandem Mixed

U23 WM Sprint Women

U23 WM Sprint Men



The men’s team competitions started today at 7.30 in the morning. Numerous players reached the “Magical 600”. The first ninepin bowler to exceed this mark was Sebastian Piosik (POL/605). But his fantastic result was not to be the best performance of the event. Piosik was followed by Denis Narat (SLO/609), Branko Manew (MKD/630), Fabian Seitz (GER/622), Martin Kozak (SVK/600), Denis Annasensi (D/601) and Adrian Szule (POL/600). A truly outstanding performance could be seen by Robert Ernjesi from Serbia who played a total of 662 pins. The top three teams of the overall country ranking were changing constantly making the games incredibly thrilling. During the competitions the German team was on fifth place but managed to come third in the end with a total 3,451 thrown down pins. Slovenia came second with 3,478 pins and Serbia came out the world champions with 3,496 knocked down pins and celebrated their victory with a dance of joy on the lanes.
The men’s and women’s Tandem games are scheduled for tomorrow, 24th May 2012. The winner of the competitions will be determined according to the sudden death system.


U23 WC Team Man



The last day of the U14 World Cup started early at 8am on Monday morning and tension and excitement could be sensed in every round.
Then Robert Ernjesi (SRB, U18) started his game. The bell that can be heard every time all nine pins get thrown down had its work cut out all throughout his game. Robert Ernjesi played a fantastic game with a total of 638 pins knocked down. With this results he won the World Cup. Glanni Della Martire (FRA – 595 pins) came second and Botis Dzurek (SVK – 582 pins) came third.
The women’s games were thrilling as well. With 610 pins knocked down, Anita Hegedüs (HUN) won the women’s competitions followed by Anja Basek (SLO – 573) on second and Lenka Tranova (SVK – 559) on third place.
Alena Bimber (GER) showed her talent once again in the U14 group. She played an excellent game which she finished with a total of 587 thrown down pins. With this result she secured her second gold medal. She had one the first one during the Pair Mixed Games the day before. Unfortunately, our very own Fabian Funkenhauser had to make room for the ninepin bowlers from Italy, Croatia and Serbia. However, Germany still ended up top of the U14 country ranking followed by Italy and Slovenia. The U18 country ranking is led by Slovakia followed by Slovenia on second and Hungary on third place.
Tonight will also see the opening ceremony of the U23 World Championship and tomorrow promises to be a day of thrilling games once again.


WC Final U14 woman

WC Final U14 man

WC Final U18 woman

WC Final U14 man


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